Recycled Pallets

Our recycled GMA 4-way entry pallets measure 48″ x 40″ and are graded and sold based on each pallets condition.

Premium Grade A – These pallets do not have any plated stringer repairs, painted or colored stringers and all of these pallets have 6″ lead boards. No softwood lumber is used to repair these pallets.

Regular Grade A – These pallets are similar to Premium A grades, however they may include some plated stringer repairs and colored (painted) stringers. These pallets have been repaired more often than our Premium A grades and may have 4″ and/or 6″ lead boards.

Grade B – These pallets contain 1 or more double stringer repairs and are our most economical GMA pallets.

Remanufactured Pallets

If the high cost and lead time of using new pallets concerns you, we may have the answer for you. Remanufactured pallets can be a cost effective alternative to the use of new pallets.

You may require a specific size pallet, but don’t want the expense of using a new pallet. Remanufactured pallets can be built to your specifications from a combination of new and recycled parts. Although more costly than recycled pallets they can meet your specific shipping needs with substantial savings.

If remanufactured pallets will work for you, please contact us and we will be happy to give you a free quote.

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